Note Reading and Fretboard Games

Online Courses!

Learn the Guitar Neck in 10 Easy Lessons


Learn music notation, notes on the fretboard, scale patterns, and chords.

Fretboard GameTab Warrior 2

Boldly go where no guitar player has gone music!

Fretboard TrainerFret Tester

  Fretboard Trainer for Guitar, Bass, and Mandolin.

Fretboard GameBirds of Fretopia

Learn the notes on the fretboard while hunting alien birds.

Guitar Scale TrainerSuper Scale Trainer

Scales and arpeggios quiz, reference, play-along, and more.

Music Notation Game Note Squish

Learn to read music notation and help control our pest problem.

Guitar Chord Game Chord Mines

Learn guitar chords while dodging boulders and spiders!

Game to Learn Notes Note Fish

Learn the names of the notes while under the sea.

Classic Games

These games have been replaced by the new version of Fret Tester, but they're still fun to play!

Fretboard Game Fret Tester

Classic Version! Learn the location of the notes on the neck of the guitar.

Bass Fretboard GameFret Tester Bass

Classic Version! Master Bass Notes and the Bass Clef.

Guitar Flash Cards Guitar Flash Cards

Classic Version! Our super charged guitar flash cards will teach you the notes on the neck.