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Interactive, fun, and guitar/bass-centered approach to learning music theory and ear-training. Covers reading notes, key signatures, rhythm, scales, and more.

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The Simple Scale System is a method for learning scales and arpeggios on the guitar. All scales and arpeggios are patterns of notes that can be broken down into small simple patterns. Rather than relying on large scale charts, the Simple Scale System uses small basic scale patterns over and over.

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Learn the Guitar Neck in Ten Easy Lessons Learn the Guitar Neck in 10 Easy Lessons Sample

How well do you know the guitar neck? Would you like to find notes instantly anywhere on the guitar neck? Do you want to improve your playing and open new musical possibilities? Very little experience is necessary to learn the notes on the guitar. Can you play a G chord? How about the introduction to Smoke On the Water? Then chances are you can learn the guitar neck. The two prerequisites are a strong desire to learn and the dedication to stick with it. Oh yeah, you also need a guitar and our special report.

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Secrets to Successful Practice Secrets to Successful Practice Sample

It's not you, it's your practice. Do you want to play the guitar better? Learn to practice better. There are many great guitar methods out there, but there is very little information on how to practice. The Secrets of Succesful Practice report (members only) will have you conquering your greatest guitar challenge and practicing like the pros in no time. In twelve pages it explores twenty-five practice secrets that will take your playing to the next level. Work smarter not harder.

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Game Secrets, Cheats, and Tips

Want to get on the high score board faster? Our Secrets, Cheats, and Tips page should help. Get the inside track on the games.

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